Driving Directions to Black Mountain Ciderworks + Meadery from Interstate 40:

  • Take I-40 to Exit 59 (Swannanoa)

  • Go north down the hill to the stop light and take a RIGHT onto US 70

  • Head east on US 70 for about 2 miles.  Just after you cross a railroad track, take a LEFT at the traffic light onto Grovestone Road

  • Continue on Grovestone Road to the next traffic light and take a RIGHT onto Old US 70.  Look for the entrance to the Eastside Business Park on the RIGHT just past a little white church.  You’ll see a large sign for Pisgah Brewing company and a sandwich board for Black Mountain Ciderworks + Meadery

  • Aftering turning into the entrance for the business park, follow the road/parking lot past the building for New Sprout Farms and Pisgah Brewing Company.  Head straight past this building towards a chainlink fence as the road curves to the right.  You’ll see Pisgah’s large outdoor stage behind the fence.  Look our our sign and arrow on the fence (keep to the right)

  • Head past the back of Pisgah Brewing Company (you’ll see some picnic tables and a fire pit) and towards the next parking lot on the right.  Park anywhere in this parking lot and you’ll see our taproom, unit #307


***ALTERNATIVE ENTRANCE: There is an alternative entrance to the Eastside Business Park where our taproom is located.  This entrance is more convenient once you learn it. From US 70, take a left onto Grovestone Road, just as in the regular directions.  Go about ¼ mile and take a RIGHT just past the sign for the Oak & Grist Distillery (not yet open) but before the stoplight.  This is the back entrance to the Eastside Business Park and you should see the business park sign as well.  Follow the road as it curves left around the buildings and you’ll see a parking lot.  Park anywhere and look for Black Mountain Ciderworks + Meadery in unit #307. If you drive past the back of Pisgah Brewing Company, you’ve gone too far. When Pisgah has a large event such as an outdoor concert, the main entrance to the business park is often blocked, so this alternative entrance is the only way to access our taproom.

  • GPS:  104 Eastside Business Park, Black Mountain OR 150 Eastside Business Park, Black Mountain (Pisgah Brewing’s GPS).


  • Where do you get your apples?

Black Mountain Ciderworks + Meadery only uses apples from nearby Hendersonville, North Carolina which produces 85% of all North Carolina apples. Specifically, we choose apples from Lyda Farms and the Blue Ridge Apple Growers Co-Op, which sources from all the orchards in the area.  We also occasionally forage for wild apples and crab apples, and happily accept apple donations from fellow foragers!

  • What is mead?

Mead is wine fermented from honey, sometimes with addition of fruit and/or herbs. Mead is the oldest known alcohol and has a presence within numerous cultures across the world.

  • Where do you get your honey?

We use honey sourced both locally and regionally, and occasionally use special honeys from other parts of the US (such as buckwheat honey from Minnesota).  Small batches of honey are available to us from local beekeepers and we also purchase honey in bulk with the help of local stores such as Wild Mountain Bees. We also happily accept donations from beekeepers willing to share.  We love trying homebrew cider/mead donations, too!

  • Are children and pets allowed in your taproom?

Yes, both children and pets are welcome and we serve organic ginger ale and root beer (and freshly-pressed apple juice in the fall) as non-alcoholic options.

  • Do you bottle?

We bottle a few ciders throughout the year and are working on labels for a few more.  We’ll be bottling mead later in 2017, too! However, the best way to take home our ciders is in growlers from the tap, available in our taproom.

  • Can I purchase a keg privately for an event?

Yes, we sell kegs of certain ciders for private events such as weddings and birthday parties.  Please contact us at least two weeks in advance. A keg deposit is required in addition to the cost of the keg.

  • Do you produce your cider and mead at the taproom?

Our taproom and production facility are in the same space.

  • Do you offer tours of your facility?

We don’t have official tours dates/times but are happy to talk about all aspects of our production with transparency when you visit our taproom.  If you have a group planning to visit us, email us ahead of time and we might be able to work out a quick tour.

  • Can I have a special event at your place?

Yes, we can host your special event.  Contact us for details.

  • Do you filter or pasteurize your cider or mead?


  • I’ve had cider before and I didn't like it because it was too sweet.  How is your cider different?

We only produce real cider, cider that is made from 100% apple juice and without undesirable ingredients such as concentrates, manufactured (artificial or “natural”) flavors, fake apple essence or high-fructose corn syrup.  The cider you may have had before, if produced on a large commercial scale, was most likely made with such undesirable ingredients and not real cider at all.  

  • Is your cider and mead gluten free?

Yes, cider and mead are naturally gluten free and we don’t serve beer so there is no chance of contamination.

Please direct any other questions to Jess ( or David (